The Importance Of The Entertainment

The entertainment provided is a huge part of going out to a club. Whether it be a live band, a DJ playing the music, or just a random mix of songs set to play. If the music entertainment is not something that myself or other people would want to hear, chances are that no one is going to have a good time, if at all.

I recently went to a club that had a DJ there to provide the music entertainment and this guy had absolutely no idea what he was doing. It seemed as if he did not even care to play music that everyone would enjoy and only played what he wanted to hear. It was a huge disappointment and ruined my outing, as well as a lot of other people that were there. It was not a night to remember, but unfortunately I do remember it.

entertainment is important

Going Out For Great Music

One of the main reasons my friends and I go to the club is to hear great music that we can dance to and have a good time. When I walked into this club on this night, the music did not really catch my ear at first. I was in search of my friends so I did not pay much attention, but once I connected with them, I started to focus more on the music now that I was not focused on searching for where they were.

Some people in the club were dancing and some were not. There was more people not dancing then there was people that were. It is not very entertaining or fun to go out on a dance floor if there is barely anyone on it to begin with. No one wants to dance by themselves. I could tell by how many people were not out on the dance floor dancing, that it had a lot to do with the music the DJ was playing.

I could honestly say that the first hour and a half of music played, was all songs I had never heard before and I did not even enjoy hearing them for my first time. It was all music that did not really fit the club and dancing environment.

Then The Music Took A Turn

After the DJ played a bunch of songs that no one seemed to have ever heard of, he started playing a slightly better choice of music. There were at least a few songs that everyone knew, including me. All of the other songs in that time were not dance music.

The songs were too slow and could probably put you to sleep if you stood in one spot long enough. I had never experienced something like this before but had to not let it ruin it for future outings. I know now that if I ever go out to the club and my plans are to dance, to not keep high hopes of the DJ playing better music if they can’t get it right the first couple of hours.

It could be that he was just having an off night, but I’m not too sure.