Noel was born on November, 4th in 1956 in London.

“Well, it started for me when I was a little boy, because I came from a Christian upbringing. My father was a minister in Gospel church… So from the age of about 5 years old I remember singing a great deal with the church and playing tambourines. Eventually one of the ministers of the church taught me a few basic chords on guitar… And that’s how I originally started my musical career, from a Gospel upbringing.”

One of the very first bands he joined during his school time was called The Black And White Notes.

On leaving school he joined the band Moon who were signed to Epic.

I decided that after working with the Earth Band plus working with my own band plus having to raise a family it just became too much… It seemed like a good time to stop the band, so I did.”

In 1990 Noel got involved with Manfred Mann as a vocalist on the album ‘Plains Music’. He had been asked to join the Earth Band and from then on he has been busy with them doing European tours and recording the album ‘Soft Vengeance’ and ‘Mann Alive’.

  • “He came to see my band… He said to me ‘I like your voice. Let’s do this ‘Plains Music’ album which we did. And I really loved the album…
  • He said ‘ We’re doing the tour next year. Would you do the vocals for me?’ I said ‘O.k. then.’ But I don’t think I would have got involved with Manfred and done MMEB albums if that were the first thing he asked me to do, without ‘Plains Music’…So it was through the ‘Plains Music’ album we managed to get involved with each other.

That was in 1990…I thought maybe that I wouldn’t be with him for so long … I always felt for the first two years that there would be another singer right behind me to have a go and doing the vocals, but not the case… We’ve done the live album, the ‘Soft Vengeance’ album before and lots of touring…And the audience still comes and still appreciates it.”

Beside his work with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Noel’s been busy in Switzerland several times. Around 1999/2000/2001 he’s been doing the vocals for a Swiss band called Funky Brotherhood on tour and producing a 4 track CD ‘Get on up and dance’. Through his Swiss connections Noel also got involved with the ‘Guido Ettlin Project’ which has been touring the Swiss Clubs in spring of 1999.

Recently Noel has connections also to Italy, where he spent some time in spring and summer of the last year.

He contributed the two songs ‘Hold On’ and ‘Teach us’ to a compilation of red indian music ‘Wayan-Natural Wave’ . He also wrote the lyrics for ‘Masquenada’ – a song appearing on the compilation album ‘Masquenada-Vol.2’.

Noel’s next own album with Brian Copsey is planned to be released this year.