Having A Bad Experience

When having a bad experience with something, you tend to avoid ever doing it again, if at all. My last experience out to a club was awful. The entertainment was a DJ and he played terrible music all night that made the club a bore because nobody wanted to dance.

The music that night was sponsored by a K9 grass and artificial turf company from the local area.  I hated the music, which I’m sure wasn’t the fault of the sponsor. I decided to go back to the same club with the same DJ playing again to see if maybe they were just having an off night, and maybe I might actually enjoy the music this time around. The music was so much better than last time and everyone else seemed to like it, too.

It is so important people like the music because they want good music to dance to. Everyone always has a better time when a club’s music is fun and not stand still like.

music notes

Enjoying The Music

I liked the music so much because it was energetic and made everyone’s attitude come alive and more outgoing. Music can have so much effect on your mood when you want to have a good time out and dancing. The music was so awesome this night, I had noticed that the club stayed full and busy with people until they were closed.

No one seemed to be clearing out because of boredom this time. There were more people dancing and having a good time then there was not. Everyone seemed really into the music and like they were having a good time. It is amazing how much the music being awful or not can impact everyone’s mood and how much fun they have when they go out to a club.

I know it does for my friends and I at least…

Since it was the same DJ this night as the last night, I realized that maybe they just have a lot of different taste in music and that is why the music was terrible last time and amazing this time. You could always request songs, too. So if the DJ is not playing any good music you could at least try to get some in there by requesting it.

Music Is Very Important

The music being something that everyone enjoys is probably the most important part when going out to the club. If it sucks, everyone is not going to have as a great of a time out. If the music is lively and fun, than everyone at the club will also be more lively and have a lot more fun.

The entertainment for a club is so important because that is what brings people out and into that club specifically. If the music is terrible, the club might want to rethink who they are letting provide the entertainment for the night. In my cases, they must have known that the specific DJ that was playing the music when I went, plays a lot of different music. They might even do this on purpose to attract different kinds of people with different music  tastes. Luckily he was able to play music I like the second time around.