Noel has been into music his entire life.  His utilizes this blog to share his stories about music, life, business, and many other aspects of what he finds interesting.

“Moon originally wanted to be an instrumental band. But when they heard that I was an allright singer …they then would do material by Steely Dan, Little Feet and other bands. We actually did something by Steve Miller as well. But I wasn’t involved with the writing, I was just a voice for the band, just a singer. And we ended up doing two albums for CBS, Epic Records. We always were a very good live band, but we didn’t really have good management and we really never got ourselves a good producer… So at the time we should have carried on we decided to break the band up, but people to this day still will mention Moon and ask me how are the other members of the band.”

After Moon split up Noel remained with Epic releasing the album Night Time Emotions produced by Trevor Rabin. He went on working with many other bands including Mezzoforte, Morrisey Mullen and Sniff and the Tears.

“Well, that was a progression of Moon really. The drummer in Moon was a guy called Lou Salvoni and he knew the singer/songwriter of Sniff’n The Tears, a guy called Paul Roberts who wrote the songs. I was just called in to help to do some backing vocals ( e.g.’Driver Seat’,1978)… I worked on two, possibly three albums … and we did an American tour supporting the band called Kansas and Kenny Logins… It’s a shame, because I thought the band could have done another one or two hit singles before we went to America, just to carry more weight really, to kind of have more strength about the band. After we did that tour things started to go down hill, and it never really picked up again. But I wasn’t actually a permanent member of the band. I was more an employed member, a guest vocalist.”

Around this time Noel also sang vocals on Mike Rutherfords ‘Small Creep’s Day’.(1980)

“‘Small Creep’s Day’ was a fantastic album to this day, I think that’s one of my better achievements. “

In 1987 Noel at last achieved his ambition of forming his own band Contact. This band was working and becoming popular on the London circuit. They produced a cassette to sell at gigs.

In 1993 the band changed its name to McCalla and released a 14 track CD ‘Push And Pull’ which was received with enormous critical acclaim. A second album ‘Hot From The Smoke’ followed in 1995.

  • “We called that first album ‘Push And Pull’ , some fantastic songs. It suffered on the recordings because we had to buy our own equipment and record the album at home. But it turned out to be a fine album with some very good material on it. Then we went on to do another album called ‘Hot From The Smoke’, each album comprising of about 14 tracks, mostly original.
  • I wasn’t the main lyricist within the band. There was a song writer called Brian Copsey who was outside of the band, he didn’t perform. But he was doing a lot of the writing, he’s very good. And I still have a strong relationship with him.